In late 1999 a few alpaca breeders located in Southern Oregon began discussing the possibility of organizing as a group in order to better promote alpacas in the region. By 2000, approximately a dozen alpaca owners gathered in Grants Pass, Oregon, and shortly thereafter SOJAA was born.

Selecting a name for this new group was a challenge. Several possibilities were considered before it was decided that the group should share the name of the region – the State of Jefferson. The State of Jefferson is a mythical area spanning the border of California and Oregon, and stretching from the coast to the deserts of the Great Basin.

Since that first small group met in Grants Pass, SOJAA membership has grown to over thirty alpaca farms. We have members located from Red Bluff, California in the south to Scio, Oregon in the north, as well as members located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and as far east as Klamath Falls, Oregon.

If you are interested in finding out more about the State of Jefferson Alpaca Association, please contact us.